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CoLAT supports all kinds of archaeological work, and the exhibition of archaeological sites, within the City of London and its environs.

Important information for applicants

The grants awarded in previous years are in Grants given.

CoLAT awarded its most recent round of grants in December 2018. Grants are awarded annually. The next deadline will be in September 2019, and the meeting of CoLAT to decide on grants will be in December 2019.

Applications to CoLAT must be made on the CoLAT Grant Application form, and all applicants must read and follow the Guidelines for Applicants. The form and a new edition of the Guidelines will be placed on this page in May 2019. Previous application forms should not be used.

CoLAT prefers to concentrate on educational or research activities, within or in addition to existing research frameworks; but assistance with survey and excavation projects may be requested.


Cover of Dress Accessories: Medieval finds from excavations in London

One of the many publications supported by CoLAT

Applicants must ask one referee for a reference for an application. This should be somebody in any walk of life who can give an accurate and fair opinion on your project. You must send the Referee Report Form to the referee, and ask that person to send the reference, in confidence, to the Secretary before the submission date for your application. If the reference does not arrive in time, your application will not be considered. The reference is confidential and will not be divulged by CoLAT. It is up to the applicant to ensure that the reference arrives at CoLAT on time.

Claiming the grant

A CoLAT grant is payable by sending an invoice to CoLAT at the end of the work, with documented proof that the work has been done, either a draft text or a project report.

In the documents section below is a good example of a recent project report which was attached to the claim form; a project on Roman lamps in London. We have removed the financial details of the project which were attached. This can be used as a model.

Further information

People digging on the Thames foreshore

Thames Discovery Programme members at work. TDP projects have been supported by CoLAT grants

If applicants require further guidance, questions can be directed to the CoLAT Secretary:

John Schofield
2 Carthew Villas
W6 0BS


Documents for download

The Guidelines, Application Form and Referee Report Form will be placed here in May 2019.