Grants given

CoLAT has supported a wide range of projects in recent years.

Grants awarded in 2020

Amount Recipient Project
City of London Archaeological Society
Measure for Measure: community-based survey of causeways, river stairs and ferry terminals on the Thames
£4508 M Copps
TDP Archive Digitisation Project: Cannon Street foreshore
London & Middlesex Archaeological Society
Publication costs of report on excavations at Syon Abbey Brentford by Robert Cowie

Grants awarded in 2019

Amount Recipient Project
£541.80 N Finneran
Towards an archaeology of death and memory in the old Jewish East End of London
£980 Rebecca Gordon
London’s Waterfront 1666–1750: assessment of animal bones
£16695 John Schofield
London’s Waterfront 1666–1750: assessment (apart from animal bones)
£1000 John Schofield on behalf of Peter Marsden
Scanning the 35mm colour slides of Peter Marsden (his excavations of 1959–73)

Grants awarded in 2018

Amount Recipient Project
£1610 Michael Marshall
Relighting Roman London's maps
£5920 Jacqui Pearce
Communicating new knowledge on London's 18th-century porcelain industry

Grants awarded in 2017

Amount Recipient Project
£4915 Lyn Blackmore
Imported pottery from the Tower Postern
£1912.50 Rachel Cubitt
Spoons from Londinium
£4720 Rebecca Gordon
Detecting London's migrant community

Grants awarded in 2016

Amount Recipient Project
£2817.90 Ian Betts
Roman Wall plaster from St Mary Axe
£4660 Vicki Ewens
London's Rat Race
£974 John Schofield
Production of text of London's Waterfront 1100-1666

Grants awarded in 2015

Amount Recipient Project
£4689.50 Glynn Davies and Michael Marshall
Shining new light on Roman London
£2220 Paola Ponce
Archaeology South-East
Cranial autopsies at the Queen's Chapel Savoy Hospital
£2000 John Schofield
Assessing existing colour transparencies of finds for London Waterfront project
£18416.50 Bruce Watson
Roman development at Regis House

Grants awarded in 2014

Amount Recipient Project
£4370 Stella Bickermann
Archaeology sessions in primary schools
£2454.90 Louise Fowler
Lion Gate, Syon Park
£3958.50 Nick Holder
Publishing the medieval friaries of London

Grants awarded in 2013

Amount Recipient Project
£3240 Kate Ainley-Marr
Fulham Palace Trust
Tudor Dovecote, Fulham Palace
£6475.75 Rachel Ives
AOC Archaeology
Health, life and death in Victorian London’s East End
£3815 Fiona Seeley
Religion and ritual imagery on Roman pottery from London

Grants awarded in 2012

Amount Recipient Project
£3000 M Hacker
Friends of Queen's Wood Haringey
Geo-archaeological assessment of Queen's Wood
£1236 P McKenna
Kingston-Upon-Thames Archaeological Society
Repacking and review of the archaeological archive for Kingston-Upon-Thames
£3000 P Rowsome
Medieval City defences at Ludgate (partial grant)
£1000 J Schofield
Billingsgate (to assist resubmission of larger request)
£669.96 J Shepherd
West Essex Archaeology Group
Geophysics programme
£4235 E Wragg
TDP: Greenwich Palace foreshore survey

Grants awarded in 2011

Amount Recipient Project
£3225 J Hall
With criminal intent (forgers in Roman London)
£4165 Nick Holder
Publishing the medieval friaries of London
£3253 J Morris
Animal health in Roman London
£9880 J Schofield
Medieval and later pottery from New Fresh Wharf
£624 J Shepherd
Hall Place Bexley machine costs
£3268 R Thomas
Domestic livestock improvement 1300-1800

Grants awarded in 2010

Amount Recipient Project
£1315 I Betts
The picture panels at Barnfield Primary
£1058 I Blair and B Watson
The Great Fire and the Blitz (drawing expenses only)
£3008 Tony Brown
Highgate Wood Roman pottery kilns
£3000 Jon Cotton et al
Contribution to a Festschrift production
£1355 D Hedgecock
Bruce Castle Museum
Haringey Potter - Highgate Wood kiln
£3885 Nick Holder
Publishing the medieval friaries of London
£3000 G Milne
TDP key sites survey

Grants awarded in 2009

Amount Recipient Project
£4191 Liz Barham et al
Condition survey of ironwork from waterlogged sites
£3000 Jill Goddard
Thames Discovery Programme work
£3610 C Harward
Roman water supply on Cornhill
£3300 J Hill
Water flow in the Walbrook
£1665 R Redfern
Friend or foe? Deposition of human skulls at 80 London Wall
£2785 B Richardson
Late medieval and Tudor footwear from London
£1955 D Walker
Skeletal treponematosis at St Mary Spital

Grants awarded in 2008

Amount Recipient Project
£5190 Ian Betts
Tin-glazed tiles
£5745 David Bowsher
Roman ceramics from St George the Martyr, Southwark
£1200 Nathalie Cohen
editor Trans LAMAS
For London and Middlesex Archaeol Soc Occasional Papers series
£200 Natasha Powers
Radiographic investigation of fracture healing in Londinium

Grants awarded in 2007

Amount Recipient Project
£4396 Jelena Bekvalac and Tania Kausmally
Osteological analysis of named individuals from the crypt of St Bride's Church, Fleet Street
£1050 Andrew Reynolds
The late Saxon or Norman pewter hoard from Cheapside, London
£7500 Southwark Cathedral Chapter
Archaeological Millennium Project and Southwark Cathedral Archaeological Research Project
£1045 Roy Stephenson
Young Archaeologists Club do London biographies
£1000 Surrey Archaeological Society
Publication of excavation of St Mary's Church, Barnes
£4445 Bruce Watson
Reconstructing medieval Blackfriars