Privacy policy

The City of London Archaeological Trust (CoLAT) values the privacy of everybody with whom it has contact.

General Data Protection Regulation: Privacy Notice

As far as members of the Management Committee are concerned, we hold names, postal and email addresses, and dates of birth; these are required to fill in the annual return for the charity to The Charity Commission. We also hold the names and postal and email addresses of applicants for our grants, both successful and unsuccessful, and similar data for the referees of the applications. The applications and references are kept for ten years, and then deleted in both electronic and paper form.

Applicants or referees can ask to see what data is held on them personally, and have a right to have it removed permanently or corrected. CoLAT will not share personal information of applicants or referees with any third party without prior consent.

The personal data is stored securely by the Chamberlain’s Department of the City of London Corporation, and by the Secretary.

For further information on this policy or to enquire about the personal data held by the Trust, please contact the Secretary, John Schofield, .